We create emotions worth sharing

Since 2002, our games have been downloaded over a billion times. Let’s go for the next billion together!

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Our games



SPINE is a single-player story rich action game focused on intense close-quarters gun fights with aesthetics of Gun Fu movies. Made with UE5 and Cascadeur, SPINE kicks off our new franchise for PC and consoles.


Shadow Fight 4

Shadow Fight 4: Arena is a multiplatform real-time PvP fighting game, which features 3v3 battles with classic Shadow Fight controls, dozens of heroes with unique abilities and excellent graphics.


Shadow Fight 3

Story-driven fighting game with RPG elements in a unique setting. Exciting battles, a huge variety of equipment and 250,000,000 installs.


Shadow Fight 2

The company’s landmark project that has been released on platforms ranging from mobile to PC to Nintendo Switch. The total audience of Shadow Fight 2 is over 400 million players.


Fight Me

Nekki continues to push boundaries and captivate new players with its innovative approach to game development. The new project: Fight Me is a play-to-own and compete-to-earn fighting browser game, accessible on any device!



Vector is a parkour-themed runner, and it’s back in a remastered version. Become a real urban ninja, hide from your pursuers, and break free... now with updated style!



Shades is a RPG fighting game that continues the story of the legendary Shadow Fight 2. Get ready for the enhanced features of the original game that bring your experience to the next level.


Besides games, we have developed our own AI-assisted keyframe animation software

Cascadeur is a standalone software for 3D keyframe animation of humanoid or other characters. Never before making animation from scratch or editing one has been so easy and fun. Thanks to its AI-assisted tools, you can make key poses really fast, instantly see physical result and adjust secondary motion. All while retaining full control at any point.

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Our values

In pursuit of our mission to create emotions worth sharing, we have developed a set of core values that guide our creative journey and help to make our games truly outstanding.

Unique design

We craft exceptional and original games, always striving to stand out and avoid cloning.

Wow factor

We develop games that create «wow» emotions for our players, thanks to unique features and details

Gameplay first

We create games we want to play ourselves. Fun, spectacular, and addictive, designed for long-term engagement.

Commitment to tech

We develop and use cutting-edge technologies to improve and innovate our games.

Low entry barrier

We make our games accessible to everyone by making them easy to learn but hard to master.

Sustainable growth

We self-fund our projects, focusing on stability and commercial success, all while keeping player satisfaction and feedback in mind.

Outstanding quality

We aim for exceptional quality in everything we do without falling into perfectionism.

Culture of passion

Our drive comes from a deep-rooted passion for gaming. We cultivate a growth mindset, ensuring that as our skills and ambitions expand, we grow as a team.